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Friday, November 11, 2011

Salute To Veterans

I love a Veteran’s Day parade and Clarksville does it right!  Of course, with Ft. Campbell right here the military is part of the town’s life blood.

It’s finally started!  They had been waiting a long time.

Love seeing those babies wave the flag!

Sparky the Fire Dog had hugs for everyone.

Color Guard… in more ways than one…

A unit patch on the right shoulder means the soldier has been in combat.  They are so young…

The parade’s theme was “Special Forces and Wounded Warriors”.  This humvee has soldiers and family from 5th Special Forces.

Some retired SF friends.  Yeah Frank… we see you!!  LOL 

Marine Color Guard.  They always look so sharp!

Honoring the Triple Nickles – the 555th Parachute Infantry BN.  The first black paratroopers.  Awesome history… 

We remember…

Hmmm… I think we hit a time warp…

Pirate 1 (Best Friend’s oldest) is now in high school band.  He plays keyboard so he’s on banner duty during the parade.  (or he’d have to have one LONG extension cord… it is a 2+ mile route!  LOL)

Lots and lots of bands.

These are soldiers who were awarded the Purple Heart (wounded in action).

And then the scouts.  These little lasses were leading the way!

Girl Scouts…walking…

Boy Scouts…riding…

Rolling thunder.

And not-so-thunderous. 

Then came the custom cars. 

Wow!  Severe envy happening…


But I love the old ones too.  I think my Dad had a car like this.


Tattooed car!

Model A Ford.

I have to find a kid to sit with next time.  This…

…and this is all the candy we got!  There's just something wrong with that!  

Seriously tho.  Thank you to all of you who have served your country… my dear husband included. 

We owe you our honor and gratitude.

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