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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On The Road: Dornoch to Drumnadrochit

The next morning our Royal Coach arrived to pick us up… and we were off with Dave for another day of adventure!

More lovely scenery!

More golden hayfields.

More moody skies.

But every view was beautiful and we didn’t tire of seeing them.

These harbor seals were basking near the road and we pulled over to see them.  We’d seen grey seals at Colonsay so it was fun to see these different ones. 

There seemed to be more stone bridges in this area too (tho there were quite a few on Skye). 

This is Tarbat Ness lighthouse.  It was built in 1830 by Robert Stevenson – grandfather of Robert Lewis Stevenson.  It’s the third largest in Scotland at 174 feet. 

This is the rugged coast line it protects ships from. 

The harbor at Portmahomack.  It is a lovely little village built around the harbor. 

And it has some crafty folks who are into ‘funky junk’ creations!  I LOVE this chair.  Since I obviously can’t have it… I plan on trying to recreate it.

And this cute bench that was sitting nearby.  Too cute!!

From the van, Dave asked a fisherman a question about the harbor… and that ended up with us being invited into the fisherman’s home of a ‘cuppa’ and a gift of a lobster he had caught.  By the end of the visit we had not only a lobster for an upcoming dinner I was cooking… but 2 big stone crabs and a new friend! 

And this is Mardi, his sweet bull terrier.  We had a little bonding time!  LOL

We finished our day viewing Plodda Falls.  It is a bit over 150 feet high.  This is near but not quite ‘at’ the bottom.  See the viewing platform at the top?

This is what it looks like from there looking down! 

Some small falls leading to the big one.

Our final stop was our B&B – Drumbuie Farm in Drumnadrochit (that is actually easy to say!  Drum – na – drocket).  We had this bright cheerful room. 

The next morning we had breakfast in the beautiful sun room.  That glimmer of water you see shining thru the window is… Loch Ness! 

Time to do some monster hunting!!!

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