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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home Organization 101: The entry

More decluttering going on around here.  This week’s challenge was for the “mud room”.  Well, we don’t have a mud room… just our entryway. 

And it’s not a very big entry at that!  Not much to do here!  Himself keeps his walking stick in the corner to the right of the door (he was out walking so that is why it is not there).  The stone is from Alaska and it our door stop.

We do have a bit of room for this tiny shelf to help organizing and a mirror for a quick look before we answer the door!

The key bowl is an antique from the farm Himself grew up on.  No more “where’s my keys?” around here!  And the horse shoe ‘fish’ was made by a blacksmith friend – it keeps my lists from blowing until I get out the door.
(Sorry for the wonky picture – not enough space to back up to get the whole thing at once so I had to knit 2 shots together).   We repurposed the coat closet for general storage as there just isn’t enough storage area in our house.  I added shelves and the roll out cart to maximize what I had to work with.  It functions as extra kitchen storage and utility storage. 

These shelf extenders from The Container Store have given us even more useable space. 

Adding hooks to the bottom of the shelf got the mugs up and out of the way.  I added a shelf up high to store roasting pans and other shallow cookware. 

On the back of the door are two hooks to keep our aprons on. 

Because of the size we have to keep the entry decluttered.  So even tho it is small, meets our needs well enough. 


  1. Very nice and very organized. Now how long will it look being tidy. Ha,ha.

    I, 2, 3 very classy.

    Love your entrance. I have that width myself to the door what you have is door to my Laundry.

    Like your stone stopper from Alaska.

    I have pictures on the walls like you but you have more. I was going to add more but my hall there is to my bedroom amd craft room and computer room. Unless visitors go down to rooms. Knowone sees pictures.

    My from entrance is smaller walls. ihave so much things over my 51 years married.

    As we have down sized. Then it is packed away or most given to my daughter.

    1. It pretty much stays this way. It took me about 10 minutes to neaten this time... another 10 minutes to put up the cup hooks.

  2. Your little entryway reminds me of the one in our tiny apartment. Looks like a sweet place to call home.


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