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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Artful Friday: 9 Nov

I’ve been enjoying the “creative every day” challenge very much.  I find as I do more creative projects I become energized for other activities… like yesterday I worked on organizing our entryway (which wasn’t bad but had gotten a bit untidy). 
This is a mandala.  It’s my first and I’m pleased with how it turned out.  I’m going to study on them a bit and do more in the future.  They are challenging yet relaxing to make.
A quick sketch of an orange.  Did this one in the evening after a very full day.  I kind of like the texture the paper gave to the orange. 
Guess what day I did this one on?  LOL  When I think about countries that are given the opportunity to vote for the first time and the long – sometimes even mile long – lines of people who are joyful for the opportunity, it makes me feel really blessed that voting is one of my basic rights as a citizen of the USA. 
In 2004, Himself and I took a 5 week road trip driving thru the SW states.  One of our stops was in Monument Valley.  We took a 2 hour guided tour with a Navajo guide… and that 2 hours ended up being a bit over 4 hours as we all hit it off so well.  David took us to all his favorite places not on the usual tour as we discussed many things about the Navajo culture. We ended up ‘flying’ across the valley at the end of the day as he had to get back to take someone out on the “Sunset Tour”.  
That night, as we stayed in a traditional hogan “B&B”, we watched the valley glow with the colors of the setting sun.  It was so beautiful.  
I decided to try to capture a bit of the memory with paper art.  I used small pieces from my stash of leftover paper.  The edges were torn to soften the lines.  Then I added a bit of shading with pastels.  I’ve never done paper art before and I’ve discovered it is a lot of fun (and challenging!).  I’ll be trying more of this for other challenges!

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