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Monday, November 26, 2012

Wild Lights with the Wild Life

While in MO for Thanksgiving, we went with Sis and Big J to take the babies to see a special event at the St. Louis zoo.  It’s called “Wild Lights”. 
Areas of the zoo are decorated with Christmas lights and decorations.  It’s done very well, quite a treat for the eyes.
The babies were bundled up as warm as possible. 
Loved this swan near the entrance!
The polar bear almost looked furry.  I couldn’t figure out what it was made from.  Isn’t it fantastic?
The kids really liked it.
This was a ‘moving’ light display, with the monkeys swinging along a vine.  Little Bird showed us how the monkeys were moving.
There were a few areas open, such as the penguin house.  These King penguins looked a bit sleepy!  LOL
Little Bird checked out the area from on top of Himself’s shoulders. 
Almost nose-to-nose with a Rockhopper penguin!  She loved it!
The Conservation Carousel was open too.  The babies got two rides on it; one with their Mom and Dad… and one with their auntie and ‘unka’ – US!
We didn’t get to stay very long, as the night was pretty “Frosty” and babies get cold!

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