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Monday, November 5, 2012

Lazy Autumn Day on the River

We have friends visiting from the NE… they came in off the heels of Sandy!  And they brought with them their 23’ sailboat!  So this last Saturday we spent a day out on the Cumberland River.
There’s a lot more to getting a sail boat ready than I thought!
Most of it was done in the nice, still parking lot.  I can’t imagine having to raise the mast on a rolling ocean!
Got the flag up!
Putting it in the water was an adventure too.  Like a puppy on a leash, it wanted to take off without us!  Fortunately a sail boat is light and J pulled it back over to the dock with a practiced hand.  Himself lent a hand too. 
What was I doing?
Making photos, of course!
As soon as S came back from parking the truck and trailer, we headed out of the marina and to the river.  I’d never seen town from this angle!
Going under the Zinc Plant Road bridge.
Cruising along on a perfect autumn day.
Pretty trees and…
…cool rocks.
This house along the river was amazing.  It was huge!
And it has its own boat elevator!!
After a while we stopped and enjoyed a bit of fishing. 
S caught this nice little bass.  (Don’t worry… he went back into the river!)
Himself had a little nap!
Then it was time to go back.  Clouds were gathering and JUST after we got everything unloaded, the skies opened up. 
It was a fabulous day!


  1. How nice was that Adventure. Thanks for sharing.

    I thought they did all the making of flag and so forth on water. Never to old to learn new things. Like I don't have a sail boat. Don't have friends who have one.

    So glad you have friends that do. It is another adventure for you all. Wow nice your wearing shorts. Must be a happy time when you don't have to be dressed up with gear as us Canadains having this week.

    1. It was our CT friends who were most enjoying the warm (to them) - cool (to us) weather. They wore shorts and we had our jeans on! LOL All a matter of perspective.


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