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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creative Outlet: October

Lately I’ve been so busy with Himself coming home, traveling, and end of summer work around the house that I haven’t been doing many creative projects.  But here’s a few I have to share…
I want to have a few plants in Himself’s study… and he does not want ‘cute’ pots/planters.  OK, in my opinion ‘cute’ is subjective.  So I made a man-friendly cute planter!  An old boot, some dried moss, and a bit of jute twine make for a manly container for this cactus.
I made the tag to remind him that it is time to go for walks down to the lake!
One of my terrariums needed to be redone so I decided to make a little fairy garden in it.  We have so much moss around here, so I use it a lot in my terrariums.  The stones are from Alaska and Scotland and the shells are from Scotland.
The wee ‘diaper fairy’ is a family joke…
I played around with this little diorama box for a relaxing afternoon.  The mermaid, starfish, and other fish are from the fabric I used for Little Bird’s birthday banner.  I added a bit of beading to the mermaid for texture.  Here again I used stones and shells from AK and Scotland. 
The box is wrapped in a piece of scrapbook paper.  (Need to work on that technique a bit more…)  I’m going to play with it a bit more, but overall I kinda like it.  And it was fun to make.
This is the cover page for a new memory scrapbook I’ve started.  It’s a small 9x9 album and each page will highlight one country or state I’ve traveled too.
I wanted a frame for Little Hoss and Little Bird’s first day of school each year.  I got into my yard stick and office stashes to make this.
I love assemblage art pieces!  So I tried my hand at making one myself.  I call it “Home Improvement”.   I’m not sure if I am finished with it or not.  I’ve seen ones much fuller than this, and I’ve also seen ones that have been spray painted on color to make the shapes the star of the show.  I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do…leave it as is or work a bit more on it.

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  1. Great pieces, Teri! The boot planter is a great idea for a guy's study. The school picture frame turned out really well, and I love the assemblage piece (just as it is, by the way -- the colors work well together). I have a few of my dad's old tools so maybe I will try to do something like that with them. Thanks for sharing.


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