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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Seafood Cookout for the Birthday Boy!

It’s become a tradition for my family to have a seafood boil for Himself’s birthday.  So on our latest trip to MO we did just that.
No more hoping the wood wasn’t wet so we could build a fire – Dad bought a propane turkey fryer set up to cook on.  It worked great and the water was boiling in record time. 
Big J is in charge of the cooking. 
Almost ready to eat!  New potatoes, corn cobbettes, lobster, snow crab legs and shrimp.  Oh yeah…
Round one:  Lobster!
After dinner were the birthday cupcakes.  Little Bird is the decorator.  Most decorations are currently some sort of green as that is her favorite color.  LOL
Singing to the birthday boy!
Two excited kiddos waiting on their cupcake.  Hurry up and blow out the candle Unca!
Happy Birthday My Love!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your dear husband...a seafood feed is always a great idea! Those cupcakes looked mighty tempting too.


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