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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Color of a Memory

Places you travel to leave memories with each of your senses.  To hear.  To taste.  To smell.  To feel.
To see…  A flash of color can carry me back through time and space on a memory that will make me smile.
Red takes me to the savannah of Kenya.  Himself and I spent 30 days in Kenya for our 25th wedding anniversary.  The highlight of our trip was spending time with the Maasai children we sponsor.  The men wear bright red plaid wraps which are strikingly bright in the African sun.  Red takes me to the boma of N’tikoisa and the incredible day when I became a Maasai elder.
Yellow brings the scent of salt air and memories of gentle rocking.  Himself works as a medical officer on a fish processor ship in Alaska.  When I’ve gotten to travel with him, I’ve spent contented hours sitting or standing on the ‘bitt’ with memories flowing into me.  Gull squawking, eagles soaring, the pong of fish smell.  Unique memories of a unique world. 
Green, green, and more green; that is the color of my memories of Costa Rica.  Gliding down a river the guide says “Look!  A large iguana!” 
“Right there!”
“Okaaaay…  OH!  There he is!”
A bit of Jurassic green among the leaves.
Blue is a boat being paddled across Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kenya.  Paddled long the edge of a country through waters that have created civilizations as it became the Nile.  Paddled into a group of hippos.  Creaks of the boat.  Grunts of the hippos.  Look towards the horizon…blue boat, blue paddles, blue sky, blue water. 
White is cold and snow.  On Adak Island an eagle has landed, making an impression in the snow.  At home I run to the deck when an eagle happens to fly down the river.  Here, on Adak, eagles are as numerous as robins in spring.  As I sit on a rock that is the only non-snowy area along the beach, eagles are all around me.  Landing in the snow.  Flying past snow covered mountains.  Swooping to snatch fish out of the ice studded bay.  How many photos did I take that day?  A hundred?  Two hundred? 
This post is written as an entry to a contest at Travel Supermarket ( ).  For “Capture The Color” we are to blog about favorite travel photos featuring the colors red, yellow, green, blue, and white.
Also for the competition, they asked for 5 bloggers I follow to be ‘nominated’ to take part.  I follow some pretty incredible photographers and it was hard to pick just five.  I decided by thinking of those who’s photo continually blow me away.  In no particular order:

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