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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Photo Album 2 Oct '13

One of those many spider webs I spoke of earlier.  This one is out on the deck. 
The early morning mist caught on it looks like silver beads.
A tiny web.  It’s maybe 2 inches across. 
As I said… they are everywhere!
Goldenrod came in really early this year.  Perhaps it was because of the cooler summer we had. 
These are in the field above our house. 
Backlit by the sun. 
What Queen Anne’s Lace turns into…
…’beggar ticks’!!  I hate pulling these out of my socks after a walk!
Don’t they look like little Velcro balls?
Saw this handsome fellow (yes, he’s a boy…male box turtles have red eyes) on a walk with Little Bird.
Dad and Mom’s new under-the-shed boarder. 

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