Friday, October 24, 2014

A Touch of Sweden: Swedesburg, IO museum

Recently we traveled to the ‘Northlands’ on our annual visit to Himself’s family.  This trip we went up thru Iowa and made a stop to see a local tourist attraction in Swedesburg.

This is the Swedish American Museum. 

 There was information on the emigration of Swedish people.

The museum has many donated artifacts, including this trunk used by an emigrating family.  It is so wonderfully painted. 

In fact, many things are beautifully decorated in the Swedish culture.

Aren’t these dresses amazing? 

Detail from a headdress. 

This embroidered piece is so lovely.  Isn’t the phrase “quiet peace” perfect?

One of the displays is on the churches in the area.

In the back is a snack bar where we were given the hospitality of a hot drink and homemade chocolate chip bars.  There is also some local Swedes type sausage and cheeses for sale.

At the front of the building is a nice gift shop with things not only Swedish but Norwegian and Danish too.

They have an excellent selection!

But there was one reason I really, really wanted to see the museum...

The Dala horses! 

Perhaps this is the Swedish version of the Trojan Horse?

The carved Dala horses may go back to the 13th century, with the painting of them starting in the 19th century.  The painting is the same type as decorations in the Swedish homes.  The horses are bright orange-red, blue, white, or black, then with a fancy saddle and bridle pattern over that.

There were Dala horses of all sizes available for sale.

This display is of old Dala horses.  The rustic one was hand carved by a local man. 

I have a small Dala horse given to me by my friend Carol many years ago.  So I bought a Dala horse cookie cutter for my souvenir.  Won’t those cookies be fun to decorate?

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