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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ready... Aim... Fire!!

Last month Himself's Special Forces Group had its annual reunion.  There was a cook out, an open house, various competitions, and a family day at the indoor shooting range.

No surprise I was all over it to be there for the shooting day!

After signing a ton of waivers, we headed into the range.  This is what we were given the opportunity to shoot.  There was an M4 carbine (at the top of the table).  It's basically a smaller version of an M16.

A 9mm Glock.

A 9mm Beretta.

Listening to the Sergeant's instructions.

Time to load!

And time to fire!

Now this is the one I was looking forward to trying out!

Took a bit to get used to the sight but once I did, it was so easy to shoot.

Yep, had a lot of fun playing with this one!

For those who are interested, my unbiased opinion on the hand guns is that I like the Glock better.  I thought it had better action and came back nicely into my hand with each shot (rather than kicking up strongly as did the Beretta).  

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