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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Seeing Compassion Thru the Eyes of a Compassion Child

A short time ago we were asked to work a Compassion event, but it was different than we've done before.  This is a new program called The Compassion Event.  For a quick look at what it is about, take a look here:

We arrived at the site at Trevecca University to see semi trucks and this set-up...

Hmmmm... looks interesting already.

So let's go in!

The volunteers give each person an ipod with headphones.  It has on it the audio for each exhibit (there were two with our event).

And you head through this door to step into the life of Julian from Uganda.

It is a mock-up of the home and surrounds of a real Compassion sponsor child.  

The ipod tells you what you are looking at in a narrative spoken by a child of that area.  The display keeps you on track with each room you go thru.

See?  It matches the ipod screen.

Even in abject poverty, children play.  And they use things in their surroundings to make toys.

"Julian" told her story about the hardships of her life and how as a very small child she sold yams at the market to help the family survive.

Then she was accepted into the Compassion program.

She was able to go to school and was given a meal each day.

A letter rack for the children.  

Man, this really pinched my heart as I saw the letters waiting for the children... and the slots with no letters.  That does it!  EVERY first Sunday I will be writing my kids and the third Sunday I'll send an email!!!

The children are taught basic hygiene lessons.

Then the story went on to how Julian graduated high school and went on to college in Uganda. 

She graduated from the Ugandan college and was accept to Baylor University in Texas.

Himself and I whipped our heads around to look at each other!  No wonder the story was familiar... 

It was 'our' Julian that we met at the Compassion event in April!!!  It was so awesome to see her story!

If you would like to see if a Compassion Event is coming to your area... or if your church or organization would like to host an event, check out this web site:

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