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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Keeping Clutter In Check: Jewelry Supplies

The chore for this week's 91 Day Declutter Event at Mary Organizes was the craft area/supplies.  Since I'm in the wind down of my studio decluttering and organizing, I picked one area that I could actually get 'finished' at this time.

My jewelry making supplies.

This is a 'before - before' photo.  I forgot to take one before I pulled everything down.  It was waaaaay more cluttered than this.  Basically it was stuffed full with hardly any sort of organizing at all.

I pulled everything out.  The storage organizers got a coat of silver spray paint so everything is cohesive.  (That school bus yellow container drove me nuts!)

Then there was several hours of sorting...

And I ended up with this!

Having a project come out so well really motivates me to move on to another area... then another... and yet another.

Next area... the sewing center!

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