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Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful Miyabi

I have to brag on a gift I was recently given.  A friend who knows how much I enjoy cooking (and he's quite a foodie himself) gave me a Miyabi 6" chef's knife.

It is wonderful to use!  The blade is incredibly sharp.  It cut through this chuck roast like warm butter.  One time I had the point standing on the roast while I was talking to Himself and it sliced all the way down under its own weight.  Wow.

The grip is very comfortable and it's easy to move the blade.

And it is a knife that is used by Chef Morimoto of Iron Chef.

See the gorgeous blade?  It is made in the same method as Japanese swords.  Layer after layer until it is really hard steel, then it is sharpened to razor sharpness.  

I love it and would definitely recommend it!

Thanks Dave!!!!

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