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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Two Bucket Day

Doing a 5K was the first thing I marked off my 'bucket list' on Saturday... the second was to 'try acupuncture'.

I noticed in the race info I received that an acupuncturist and a massage therapist were going to give free demo treatments after the race.


Alright then!  

I've had a curiosity about acupuncture for a long time.  A bit skeptical but also open to the idea.  I've read about how it is being used on thoroughbreds to relieve pain after races, to reduce stress, and to speed up healing.  Since horses can't be conned into believing something I figure they are pretty good 'witness' to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Heidi asked if I had any particular issues... besides just finishing a 5K soreness.

No, my posture isn't indicating that I was tense... I was tired!

She was doing 'ear acupuncture' for the demo.

The first needle that went in wasn't even felt.  (They are 36 gauge needles... which is tiny.)  The second I could just feel.  The third... very different sensation.  There were about 5-ish feelings of a shock, like an static shock.  It did not hurt at all.  The shock feeling continued after she had finished placing the needle.  The fourth needle gave two tiny 'shock' feelings.  The final needle I didn't feel go in.

And there I sat with needles sticking out of my ear.

What do I think?  As I said, I was skeptical.  But as I sat there, I felt a sensation of "release".  It's very hard to describe.  OK, I've just finished this long tiring walk... my body is stressed, my mind is a bit stressed, and with all those people around my little ol' introvert self was a bit stressed too .

The sensation was like a bubble burst.  Seriously, there was a 'feel' when it happened.  Extremely interesting... and nice.  Instant calm.

Next.  I have a bad back.  Way down in L4, L5, and S1, it gets out of whack occasionally.  When that happens I get a connective tissue & muscle knot that hurts.  I'm talking a big knot that you can feel.  At such times I have to stretch, Motrin, and give time for it to feel better.

Said knot decided to flair up on the last half mile of the walk.  I was even limping a bit because it pulls as I step.  So here I am sitting and thinking about how 'chill' I'm feeling when I realize my back is not hurting.  0% not hurting.  Wow.

I sit a bit longer, then Heidi removes the needles.  That tickled!

I get up... and my back feels great.  I reach back and rub... NO knot.  None.  Zero.

24 hours later and still no knot.
(Edit: Four day later - back is still doing great.)

I can not vouch for all forms, treatments, or practices of acupuncture.  But I can vouch for what I experienced:  it was real and it worked for me.

I will be going back.

(I was NOT compensated for this review.  My free session was available to anyone who stepped in the door.)

If you are from the Clarksville area, here is the contact information:

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