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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beautiful Children's Book Illustrations

Since December Himself and I have started participating in a discussion group at the local art museum.  The group is for those who appreciate some of the incredible artwork that can be found in children's literature books.  We both love beautiful children's books and pick them up for practically nothing at library book sales, yard sales, and Goodwill.  We've gathered quite a little library that we look forward to sharing with Little Bird and Little Hoss when they come visit.

Each month's meeting there is a different topic up for discussion.  Our first meeting was, of course, Christmas works.

Our last meeting topic was international cultures.

I shared "Turtle Bay" which was illustrated by Nilesh Mistry, an artist from India.

Himself's book was "A Country Far Away", illustrated by Philippe Dupasquier who is from Switzerland.

Do you have lovely illustrated books for your children or grandchildren (or yourself)?  They really are a gift that will last forever.

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