Sunday, March 13, 2016

Brass Buttons Up Close (#urbanjunglebloggers)

Let the spring planting begin!

We've picked up our first new plants for this spring, these to go in the trellis planter on the front porch.  The plant is called "Brass Buttons".  It's a low growing perennial that spreads... a lot.  I think it will look nice in the planters with the runners hanging down.

What caught our eye is the fern-y looking leaves.  But don't let that delicate look fool you.  Brass Buttons are tough enough to stand light foot travel.

The deep brassy purple and green are a plus.  I think I'm going to go with a purple theme for the porch this year so this is a good start.

The flower buds are so interesting!  The flower will be a bright yellow.

Doesn't it look like a miniature Jurassic Park?

I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.  

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