Monday, March 14, 2016


Bucket List:  Do a 5K.


Please note that I did not say 'run' a 5K.  Baby steps thank you.  Himself came along for support and encouragement even tho this distance is nothing for him.

Got my number on and I'm ready to go!

I knew the run had different levels for all who wanted to participate...

... but I don't know about these characters!

Actually they were leading the family 1 mile fun run/walk.

Some of those kids had energy to spare.

But then... so did this mom.  Yes, that is THREE kiddos that she is handling beautifully.

You go girl!

First through the gate were the 10 mile runners.  These people are serious!


Ummmm... no thank you.

NOW it's my turn!  The 5K-ers line up.

Since 'time' wasn't my objective (finishing was what I was aiming for), we let all the runners go ahead of us.

Crossing under the gate.

Found out that our race numbers had a chip embedded that took our start and finish time.  That cat looking pictures all around the gate are the receivers (I think).

Along the way folks were waiting to cheer on the participants.  This is "Team RBW".  See the blue haired lady on the left?  That would be Skye, our teacher from the granola class.  LOL

A little farther along was the 101st Airborne jazz band.  They were good!  Had to laugh, on the way back they were playing "Eye of the Tiger" (the "Rocky" theme song).

5K... that's ME!

At the 5K halfway point.  Bless their little ol' ears... they had water to drink! 

By my 2 mile point the first 10 miler lapped me.  That's OK, I was still walking.  I think I was the only 5K that was there to walk, not jog/run, the course.

I joked that I was guarding the rear flank.

What was really cool is the encouragement given to me by the runners.  

Under the gate and DONE.

And I have the medal to prove it!

Now I know I can, and I will again!

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  1. Congratulations! Now you can start an 'ego wall' of swag you get from the races you participate in :-)


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