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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Persian Food in Nashville - House of Kabob

For many years I had an Iranian girlfriend who lived close by who introduced me to the wonderful Persian food.  Oh my goodness!

She moved years ago and outside of a rare meal while traveling, I have been without the distinctive flavors of Persia.  (Whole Foods did a class but it didn't turn out so good...)

Recently I was poking around on Yelp looking for different ethnic restaurants in Nashville.  To my surprise, "Persian/Iranian" was a category with 'House of Kabob' the listing!  Well alrighty then!  Better yet... it was a very short drive from where the Lawn and Garden Show was being held.

We stepped into the restaurant with our noses tingling with the scent of exotic (and familiar) spices.  

After we seated ourselves, our waiter appeared with the menus and this little appetizer.

I have to admit... greed jumped on our heads.  (It didn't help that we were really hungry too).

Himself ordered the appetizer Sample Plate.  It had hummus (bottom right), kashk (grilled eggplant spread) (bottom left), musto-moosir (a yogurt dip similar to tzatziki) (top left), taboli (parsley salad) (top right), 2 flafel, and 2 dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves).

Everything was excellent.  Best flafel and dolmeh I've had in Nashville.  And the kashk was perfect.

Shrimp Sultani

A skewer of seasoned shrimp, a skewer of kubideh (ground beef), with yellow rice and a chopped veggie salad.

I had Lamb Sultani.

A lamb skewer and a kubideh skewer (Nazzi... it was almost as good as yours).  Mine came with white rice.  The little pile of saffron rice makes it look like an egg.  LOL

And oh-my-goodness!  They had tahdig!!!!  I haven't had tahdig since you moved Naz!

For those who don't know, tahdig is crunchy (but not hard) brown rice that is formed along the edge of the pan as rice is prepared the Persian way. 

It is sooooooo good!

It was a wonderful meal.  I have a new favorite restaurant.

After our meal, I picked up a take-away menu as we left.  Driving to our next stop (a tile shop), I read to Himself the desserts.  We were both kicking ourselves for not thinking of them when I said, "We can go back when we are done."

Oh yes.

Back we went.  Our waiter looked puzzled to see us again until I said "We forgot dessert."  We both laughed.

We each got a bowl of Persian ice cream.  Himself had Turkish Coffee ice cream and I had Rose Water ice cream.  We shared a piece of 'milk cake'.

Yep... we have a new favorite restaurant!

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