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Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring is in the Air! Nashville Lawn & Garden Show

Our harbinger of Spring is the annual Lawn & Garden Show in Nashville.  Although sometimes it doesn't seem so 'spring'... like last year when it snowed 4 inches the day before the show opened.

This year was perfect.  Temperatures in the low 60s, a gentle breeze, and the trees are starting to bloom.

My favorite thing at the show this year was this pavilion.  Isn't it just an overload of cuteness?

I bet I could make one of these!

The framing is simple.  I have the windows.  And there are plenty of places I could pick up some old tin roofing.


The fireplace is wonderful too.  That would be a bit harder to pull off though.

This type of roof would be easy to do.

There were MANY lovely water features.

Who would have thought to use a cypress bucket?

I like the way they used the rocks.

Oh yes!  Wouldn't this be perfect on a patio?

I really like the drilled boulder fountains.

A nice small waterfall.

And a larger waterfall.

There was even a pond!

This was a very interesting display.  A tiny fountain makes a stream through a cut stone.  How unique!

These stone fire pits are so neat.  I like the balls set in this one.

Wouldn't this be a cozy sitting area?

Other displays were definitely full of whimsy.


A Hobbit home.  I think it was constructed from a piece of large culvert pipe.

And a giant fairy garden.  There were about eight different fairy houses in the area.

I always find some DIY projects to do...

This would be so easy to make.

So would this bench.

I'd like to learn to make these.

There was so much eye-candy to see.

A small Zen garden.


Beautiful color on these tulips.

Cute but I'd be afraid of the hive being knocked off that bench.

Nice landscaping.

Great outdoor fireplace.

And finally, a lovely idea for a bird bath.

So... are you ready for Spring?

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