Friday, September 23, 2016

Creating My Own Serving Set - A Sunflower Tray

A few weeks ago Team Red, White, Blue had a social at "Horsefeathers", a local 'paint your own pottery' shop.  A little noshing and a lot of painting!

I wasn't interested in a figurine of any sort, so I picked out a nice sized platter to work on.  I decided to free-hand a sunflower for my design.

Then I picked my colors.

Before long everyone was busy painting.

I was a little ambitious for the amount of time we had allowed.

Keeping at it.

Phew!  Finished... I was one of the last ones out the door.

And there it sits with all the other pieces done by the group; waiting to be glazed and fired.  I was kind of nervous on how it would turn out.

The finished tray!

I'm really pleased with it.  Next social I think I'm going to keep with the flower theme on the teal background.  Maybe a peony...

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