Tuesday, September 27, 2016

KonMari The Cloth

After spending several days doing the KonMari on our clothes and accessories, it was time to turn our attention of the rest of the 'cloth' category.  Just like with the clothing, Himself washed everything before we put it away.

Sheets and blankets.

Easy enough as we don't have a bunch.  Two sets of sheets for each bed, and one flannel set.  One extra blanket for winter use (we keep it cold in the winter months).  Two old blankets were discarded (each made a bag).


Next stop for the KonMari train was our towels and hot pads.

Confession time...not a single towel left the house.  In our home, there is no such thing as a discarded towel unless you can see through it!  Ratty towels become cat driers, car polishers, wet mess cleaner-uppers, etc, etc.  And having them available sparks great joy for me!  LOL

And so the upstairs cloth KonMari is finished.

Next stop...books.


  1. I thought you were going to talk about your fabric stash :-)

  2. My fabrics are in my studio...so I get to skate on that for a few weeks. But I'm kind of dreading when the day comes. There's a lot down there stored away in tubs.


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