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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where a Kid (big or small) Can Be a Kid

In SE Minnesota is a place dedicated to the art of playing, regardless of your age.

That place is LARK Toy Store in Kellogg, MN.  We've driven by many times but this visit we went with Himself's cousins.

"Play" starts before you enter the store!

Signing "the book of guests".

Now we enter the store...and here's just a TINY bit of what we saw...

Ready for a quick ride on the Tardis?

LARK is well acquainted with The Doctor.

They are makers of fine wooden toys...

...and have windows to let you peek into the workshop.

There's a whole area of puppets, complete with a little puppet house for children to put on shows.

The guys had way too much fun at the carnival mirrors!

There were many interesting displays of antique toys...

...Matryoshka dolls from Russia...

...vintage games...


...trains, planes, and automobiles... dolls and all their things...

...and things to build with too.

Oh yes, we had a lot of fun and came out with a few things too.  But there is even more to see at LARK Toy, which I'll tell you about next time!

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