Thursday, September 15, 2016

KonMari Clothes - 20 Bags Gone

Let the KonMaring begin!

See?  It's in my planner so it had to happen!  

The first category is clothes.  So here we go.

Even tho I did a discarding in March, I apparently was not too serious.  Look at all that stuff!

As per the method, I pulled every. single. thing. out... out of the closet, out of the dresser, out of storage tubs.  The only thing that wasn't on that bed were the good winter coats because I couldn't find them (I did later on).

It took way longer than I thought - but was way easier.  I had thought ahead as to what I wanted as an outcome of this discarding.  I wanted clothes that fit.  There were a lot of things that were now too large for me, and only a few that I haven't come down to that size yet.  And I wanted them to fit a certain way.

So not only did I 'touch' every single piece of clothing, I tried them on.

It was exhausting.

But in the end, I discarded TWELVE bags of clothes.  Most will be sold as they are really good quality, a few went to Goodwill.

Then, although it's out of the KonMari order, I went through my accessories.

My able-bodied assistant lent her opinion.

I did not realize how much you loose in shoe size when you drop weight!  Some shoes wouldn't stay on my feet anymore.  More eBay items.

I went from 2 drawers of socks down to one.

Jewelry, only a few things were discarded.  I've been careful curating my jewelry collection.

Three bags from the accessory category are gone.

Now here's the GRAND thing... Himself agreed to KonMari his clothes too!!  Gone are the faded, the stretched out, the too short.  

He loves the fact that now everything in his closet and drawers looks good and fits.

In addition, he volunteered to wash everything we kept so it went back into the closet and drawers clean.  Poor man was washing for days!

We both agree it was so worth it.


  1. Wow! Decluttering all around at your house.

  2. Oh gosh, someone else that loves socks as much as I do. I also have two drawers full....but guess I need to get busy and do the decluttering!!


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