Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lake Winona Walk ... photos by Himself

While we were visiting in Winona, MN Himself went across the street for a walk in Lake Park.  He took my camera with him.  I was impressed by the photos he took.

Enjoy the sights along his walking route...

In the background is the famous Sugar Loaf Bluff.  The 'sugar loaf' was created by quarrying in the late 1800s.  The height is 500 feet, with the sugar loaf being 85 feet tall.

The lake as a population of Giant Canadian Geese, a subspecies of Canadian Goose.

They are HUGE.  A standard Canadian Goose gander weighs 8-12 pounds.  A Giant gander weighs 16-20...and up to 23 pounds.

Lake Park is one of the nicest parks I've seen, wouldn't you agree?

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