Monday, February 6, 2017

First Place Surprise!

The end of January I saw the announcement for this photography contest... with the deadline being the very next day!

So I pulled "Waiting On The Tin Man" off the wall since I didn't have time to mess with printing and framing anything else.

Since it was a juried show, entering didn't mean it would be accepted.  The judges decide if it meets the criteria for acceptance and if it does, THEN it is hung in the show.

Himself and I went to the opening reception.  It was a packed house!  After I finally found the Still Life group I was happy to see it was indeed hanging!  I made the show!  Happy with that we headed on home.

Next morning I was looking over the Facebook page to see who entered and who won.

OH. My. Goodness!!!!!  First Place?  I won 1st place?

I let out a squeal that brought Himself running in.

Why didn't anyone say anything??  Why wasn't there a ribbon hanging??

The next day we were back to see.  There's still no ribbon hanging (but a lot of winners had no ribbons and one photo had its ribbon and someone else's...).

As you can imagine... I'm floating!


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