Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Homemade Chips & Dip for the Super Bowl

What's a Super Bowl without chips and dip? 

Since in February we are cooking Mexican it was the perfect opportunity to make a couple of salsas and some chips.

Himself made a traditional salsa.  It's supposed to be the smoky salsa from Chevy's restaurant.  It was good and the plus was we could divide it at the end to add the heat level we each wanted.

I selected a non-traditional salsa.  It was very light and fresh.

Here's the recipe.

Both recipes were a hit.

However, we can't say that about the chips.  The recipe was basically buy corn tortillas, cut into triangles, fry in hot oil.

Huh.  They came out like sopapillas.

They puffed up during the fry.

They stayed puffed up too.  And they were soft to the point you could not scoop with them.


Thankfully I also bought a bag of chips!

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