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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Food In Jars Challenge: Marmalade

As I briefly stated last month, I'm (actually WE as Himself is part of this too) doing a year long preserving challenge  hosted by Marisa McClellan on her Facebook page.  She has written many canning cookbooks including "Food In Jars" and "Preserving By The Pint".  Excellent recipes and she specializes in small batch recipes.

I have never made marmalade but I've sure eaten enough of it.

So I jumped right in.

The cool thing about this Facebook challenge is all the help you get... from Marisa and from more experienced members of the list.

We made four batches of marmalade.  Marisa's small batch recipe takes only 2 1/2 to 3 oranges and yields 4 half pint jars.  I'm telling you... it does not get easier than that!

At the start of this, Himself told me he did NOT like marmalade.  At the end, he is a marmalade fan!

Cara Cara Orange and Vanilla Marmalade and Cara Cara Orange Marmalade.

Cara Cara oranges made a bright flavor with just enough sweetness.  Adding the vanilla gave it a rich almost smoky flavor.

Blood Orange Marmalade.

More bitter but not 'puckery'.  Closer to a traditional British marmalade.

Meyer Lemon - Lavender Marmalade.

This method minced the rinds.  I changed it up a bit by adding lavender directly into the marmalade.

You can find the recipes at:

Just wait until you see what we're doing in February!

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