Friday, February 17, 2017

Out For a Spot of Tea - Burdett's Tea Shop in Springfield, TN

This week Himself and I went out with a group of friends to a local tea room.

It's a lovely little restaurant with a full menu to tempt your taste buds.  We were there over the lunch hour and it was quite busy.

We had the best waiter...he was so charming and very efficient too.

In the front and all along the wall are cute thing available for purchase.

It is a great place to get a unique gift.  I'll remember that for future gift giving.

But we were there for the food!

My choice:  Turkey-Ham Melt -Served open faced on Schlabach’s Bread with tomato, mushrooms, bacon crumbles & a rich cheese sauce.

Oh my goodness!  I actually scraped my was so wonderful.

For a my side: ham and cheese scone.

Himself had the 7th Ave. Chef Salad - Fresh mixed salad greens topped with ham, turkey, cheese, egg & crisp veggies. Served with crackers & your choice of dressing.

One of our friends had the Salad Jumble Plate - Scoop of Chicken salad, one ham & cheese scone & crackers with your choice of two side salads (she had the broccoli salad and the frozen strawberry salad).

A strawberry almond scone.

Everything was very very good...we will be going back!

Burdett's Tea Shop

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