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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear

So what is Persia doing with that Teddy Bear?

The story starts with a pile of old Goodwill wool sweaters I have been making a stash of for a while.  The reason for this are felt projects I want to do... mittens, stocking caps, and the like.  If you wash a wool sweater in hot water and throw it in the dryer a couple of times you end up with beautiful felt.  (More on that at a later date...)

You also end up with a washer and dryer full of wool fuzz.

A lot of wool fuzz...

Since it looked like shredded up roving I decided to see if I could needle felt with it.

After a lot of serious poking, I ended up with a tiny bear.

A little fuzzy wuzzy dryer linty Teddy Bear.

(The grey is from the felted sweaters, the colored areas are from roving I have.)

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