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Friday, February 24, 2017

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Manual Gone?

The February Home Kit was to make a place for all instruction manuals.  It could be set of hanging files, an accordion file, a folder... even a designated box would do.

I chose a notebook.

I have quite a stash of them in all sizes; including this 4 inch binder.  The other reason for a notebook is that it can be carried around easier.

I came up with a list of headings that works for us.  Each person's list will be different.

I gathered up the manuals I could find (I'll be adding in for a good while...).  Next task was to cut away the portions in languages besides English.  The sizes dropped to half, sometimes even a third of the starting bulk!

Then I used my hole punch.  Sometimes the manual was big enough to use all three holes.  On the smaller one I just punched the top two holes.

It now sits in a designated place with the BIG RULE of "put it back when you're done"!

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  1. I did that years ago for manuals and warranties for different household appliances and other things. It's a big red binder with sheet protectors inside and I have categories like Kitchen, Living room, Office...etc...and each manual and warranty goes in it's own sleeve under the proper heading.


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