Saturday, May 27, 2017

Back To The Produce Auction For 2017

Today was our first trip for 2017 to the Amish produce auction in Fairview, KY.  With us doing the Whole30 program plus needing to do my Food In Jars challenge,  I wanted to load up on some veggies.

With the season just starting, there were many small lots available.

The tomatoes are coming in gang-busters!  A big ripe juicy tomato was the star of my supper that night!  Ummmmm... REAL tomatoes until September!

The crowd was small.  Don't know if that's because it is early season or if by Fridays the crowds are less.  Have to figure this out...

Looks good, yes?

Small lot of strawberries.  Should have snagged them but I don't have time this weekend to deal with them.

English peas... I did get a lot of 3 boxes of these.  Himself LOVES fresh raw peas and so do I!

Beautiful cauliflower!

Cabbages were tremedous too.  I got 10 heads weighing in at an average of 4.5 pounds for .55c each.  There's going to be some kraut making happening around here... and some stuffed cabbage leaves... and some sauteed cabbage... and...

LOTS of strawberries.  Oh that area smelled so good!

Here's one of the 'small lot' tables.  That peck of pickling cucumbers in the middle came home with me for $6.

If you are in the Nashville/Clarksville, TN area, here's the contact  info.

And a schedule to plan your visit...

...and the sale report from this last Tuesday (23 May).

Maybe I'll see you next week!

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