Monday, May 22, 2017

Our First Week of Whole30 Eating

This has been an interesting week...

We were busy with a lot of away-from-home events so our meals were really simple... meat/eggs, veggies, potatoes.  A big ole pot of beef veggie soup was a life saver!

I have missed cheese mainly for the cooking aspect.  I miss sauces.  Surprisingly I'm not missing milk as much as I thought.  What I am really missing is my morning cup of tea.  Yes, I can have tea but no milk and no sugar.  However I can have nothing added fruit juice so hot apple cider is an option.  I also made a big pot of beef broth soup which I enjoy.

Himself is having a rough time having no cereal.  The man is a cereal addict (lovingly said...).  Seriously, he has 5 or 6 types of cereal open at one time.

Now that I am label reading, I am totally shocked at how much SUGAR is added to everything.  EVERYTHING I'm telling you!  It's starting to tick me off.

My biggest surprise was how TIRED I was.  Days 2 and 3 I was lethargic.  Zero energy.  Naps?  Yes, please!  I didn't feel bad but my batteries weren't charging.  Mentally I was foggy and very unfocused.  Days 4 and 5 were better, still tired but alert.

I am happy to say that the mean/hissy/gritchy moods that people warned of did not happen.  Nor did I have any headaches.

At one week, I'm getting back to 'normal'.

Himself had basically no reactions until day 5, then the TIRED hit him.  He's still dragging around.

A lifesaver for us has been that ghee/clarified butter IS compliant!  I made 4 pounds of ghee using the crock pot method.  That will last us for a while!  We are enjoying it so much that we will continue making it after we are done.

Day 4 we had a lunch out with a group.  Outside of a steak the only compliant thing on a 4 page menu was 2 salads.  Oh yippee.

We had an all day event on day 5 which included a breakfast and lunch.  We ate a big bowl of soup before we left and had no problem ignoring the breakfast of sweet rolls and donuts.  In fact, they didn't even look appealing.  For lunch I made us our own meal - fried chicken nuggets 'breaded' with almond flour (delicious!), raw carrots and celery, raisins, and pickled eggs.  The lunch served had a whole beef hot dog that was compliant and a hamburger so we enjoyed the meat without buns.  Also snagged some fresh sliced tomatoes and deli pickles.

Going into week 2 (with no obligations) I'm going to work on spicing up my cooking and doing some new recipes.  Homemade mayo is on that list.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens this week.  Maybe that extra energy I keep hearing about will show up!

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