Friday, May 5, 2017

Good Eats at the Fried Pie Shop in Sikeston, MO

On our way home from Missouri in April, we decided a little treat was in order.  We were just hitting the Sikeston, Missouri area (home of the original Lambert's Restaurant) when our munchies hit.  Where would be a good place to stop?

A sign on the highway answered that question.  We'd never been there before but we decided it was certainly worth checking out.

Oh my goodness!

They had:


Chocolate cream
Coconut cream
Lemon cream
Vanilla cream.

And these are little kiddie pies either!  Take a look at that size.

I picked out peach for mine.

And Himself had the blackberry.

We'll be repeat customers...

They also have breakfast fried pies and savory fried pies (also known as pasties, bridies, etc.)

We'll be trying those on our next trip.

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  1. To me a pie is only as good as its crust...and that crust looks wonderful.


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