Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More Swaps

I've been having fun with my creative swaps.  Even tho I've not done as many as I hoped, I've done at least one set a month.  This batch I'm going to show you comes in all sorts of sizes.

Back in January I showed you my snowman for a post card (6x4) swap.

Here are the 4 post cards I received back:

Then in February there was the Artist Trading Card (3x2.5) swap with the theme "Sealed With A Kiss" (the creative piece had to feature a set of 'kissy lips').


And the ones I got back...

My last swap to show is from April.  It was a new size for me; an 'inchie'.  Each tiny little creative piece is only one inch square.  The theme was 'one word affirmations'.

This is mine.

Here are the 12 that came to me:

Sturdy -- Joy-Full -- You -- Gentle
This -- Beautiful -- Loved -- Exquisite
Curious -- Important -- Enough -- Good

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