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Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Need Power (Cords)!

Almost didn't get my May Home Kit done... I forgot about it!

We all have a stash of extension cords.  And I bet yours is probably pretty much like mine were; a tangled mess of indeterminate lengths.  Did I hit that nail on the head?

Himself and I gathered up a pile of all the cords we could find.

Next step was to measure them.

On the white cords I wrote the length right on the receptacle with a Sharpie.  For the dark cords, I made a masking tape tag to write the length on.  (When I get a new silver Sharpie, I'll write on those dark cords too.)

Then the small ones were put into gallon size Ziploc by type or size.  The larger ones stayed loose.

Last step was to drop them all into one tub that fits in our tool shelf.


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