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Thursday, April 5, 2012

He's Going to Be Surprised!

As I write this, Himself is somewhere in the Gulf of Alaska sailing for Tacoma.  Cod season is over and it is time for him to be home for a while!! 

So I have been very busy this last week getting the last of the things I want to accomplish done before he gets back.  He has NO idea what I’ve been up to these last 3 months… just that I’ve been doing some serious cleaning. 

But was also happened was:

Upstairs was painted (living room, kitchen, hallway and master bedroom) from creamy beige to dark seaglass green.
There was a bit of redecorating done in the living room.

Black & white artwork in front hallway was rearranged and pieces from Scotland added.

His office was completely made over.

Our bedroom was completely made over.

The garage was decluttered and organized.

New gutters were put on.

A gravel courtyard was put in front yard (in that awkward space between the house and sidewalk) on the right side of the house.

The front porch was redecorated.  (This is actually a work-in-progress as I have to reset the legs so it fits and get the plants in).

Massive weeding occurred in planting bed #1.  (The whole yard is a major work-in-progress).

And his large bird feeder was put in (what will be) the bird garden.  I’m telling you… setting posts in this rocky ground is a major effort!  Those lamb’s ear in the photo above will be transplanted under this feeder.

An herb bed was put in on the left side of the house.  (This photo was taken just after it was done and before I cleaned it up).

The storage area behind the shed was dejunked and organized.  More to be done here but I need him to help move the heavy stuff.
Massive, stinky boxwoods were removed from the side of the shed (and lilacs will be going in by the end of this month).

The deck was neatened and rearranged.
The patio (under the deck) was neatened and is waiting redecorating. 
And a whole lot of just “clean up the yard” happened.
Plus he’ll get to see things he knows about like the various art and craft projects I’ve been doing, the freshly waxed truck,  and the new cooking recipes & techniques I’ve learned.

And he will get to see Little Bird and Little Hoss after almost 4 months away from them.  That will really blow his mind.
It’s going to be fun watching his face as he sees everything! 


  1. Wow! you have been busy! I bet your husband will be so surprised, and happy too! All your work is wonderful.

  2. Wow--do you think he'll recognise home? That's a lot of wonderful changes. Hope you are all back together soon and enjoying your family.

  3. Wow - You've accomplished so much. It is really impressive to see all your work, and what a welcome home for your love! (And that neat garage is a beauty to behold). Also love the bird house. SO many things! Well done.

  4. OMG... you HAVE been busy. Looks great. Himself will be ever so surprised.

  5. Oh, my gosh! I am so impressed by how you have turned the energy that might have been burned up pining for him and throwing lonesome pity parties into dynamic and fabulous project after project. You are Wonder Woman!


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