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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Clan Hanna Tartan

Clan Hanna tartan.
One of my favorite souvenirs from my trip to Scotland is my pieces of our family tartan.  Being the clan Hanna/Hannay was outlawed and is a minor clan, it is not easily found like the Campbell or Stewart tartans.  It has to be special ordered from the mill that produces it – and it’s not cheap.  I’ve never paid that much for cloth in my life!  (The dollar to pound conversion didn’t help either…)
I have wanted a shawl in the Clan Hanna tartan for years.  And now I have enough material to have one made. 

I also have a little swatch in this jar that reminds me of my visit to Galloway and Sorbie tower.  Besides the tartan, there’s also a stone from near Sorbie Tower and a bottle of sand from the nearby beach.  I’ll be adding a few more things in as I refind them – like the family crest and a photo of me at the tower.
My Christmas presents to my Dad and Sis were made from the Clan Hanna tartan: 

Dad was given a cap (or ‘bonnet’ in Scotland).

And Sis got a shawl/scarf. 
I’ll have something for the babies when they are old enough to appreciate it!  Right now they’d just chew on it or jump on it!
April 6th is Tartan Day… and I’ll be wearing my Clan Hanna.  Maybe not for long… the predicted temperature is 90F and that’s just a wee bit too warm for wool.  But I’ll wear it somehow!


  1. How special that you have the fabric, that's really neat:@)

  2. This is such a great post, Teri!
    Love that you got to go to Scotland and find your family's clan tartan. Then to bring it back to share with your family -- such a sweet gesture!

    My great great Grandmother was a Fitzpatrick and I would love to buy some yardage and have something made or maybe even buy a lap blanket or something.

    Love the idea of a jar holding all the sentiments of your travels to your family's homeland!

    Have you checked out the Canadian site for tartan yardage called

    They are a great tartan resource.... for all of us!

    Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade Teri!


  3. I also looked into having some tartan woven, and you are right--the price is very high! But there are many to choose from so I am making do with a collection of favorites. Your clan tartan is very pretty, and I'm sure your family must be thrilled to have it! Linda

  4. Love the momentos under glass.
    Happy Tartan Day!

  5. What fun to bring back your family tartan. It's the perfect souvenir. Cute idea to put the swatch in the jar. Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade. Happy Tartan Day! ~ Sarah

  6. As a Scottish Gunn by marriage I am mad for plaid. Your darling post made me truly blissfully crazy! :)

    I linked up an oldie but goodie to play along here:

    Happy Tartan Day!

  7. Teri, I've wondered why you were following my Hannah blog and now I get it. We are FAMILY! Love the tartan, oh yes I do. Love the idea of a shawl made out of it. I'm taking down my page as I've had someone who is challenging much of what's there and it was really never for anyone but me in the first place, but it's great having met you and I will keep in touch with you. Lucky you to have visited the tower, and I love your bottle of treasures.

  8. What a special Tartan - thanks for sharing. Sally

  9. That is so cool for you to share that bit of your family history with us!!!! The Clan Hanna tartan is just beautiful, and I am glad that you take great pride in it! I'm sure your Dad and sister really delighted in getting gifts created in the family tartan! Very thoughtful gifts!

  10. Thanks for showing your beautiful Clan Hanna tartan. I wear the MacGregor tartan when we attend Scottish functions. I like your idea of a "memory jar" to show your special treasures. Happy Tartan Day!

  11. What a pretty family tartan. The family looked delighted with their bits of history. xo marlis

  12. How wonderful to have your very own tartan! I love it--it's just beautiful! Thanks for sharing and thank you for linking up to the Tartan Parade! ~Delores

  13. soaking up all the incredible inspiration today!

    come visit my blog and giveaway:

    smiles to you.



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