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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Picks and Finds for March

Between all the brilliant blogs I read and the grand ideas I find on Pinterest, I’ve come up with so many plans for things I want to make.  I’ve GOT to get that shed cleaned out and organized so I can start working on these projects.  Just in March I have found some great things to redo.

A friend of mine no longer needed this dresser and offered it for $25.  I jumped on the deal as I’ve been wanting to do a piece of furniture with a flag on it… but NOT an English flag.  Oh no, no, no… my flag will be the Scottish white-on-blue (Pantone 300 for you color buffs!) saltire.  It is also known as the St. Andrew’s cross.  It will be fantastic storage in my hobby room (when I get that done). 
Last time I was in Missouri, my parents and I did a bit of ‘junking’.   We checked out the ReStore in St. Louis.  Since we were in their very nice car I was limited on what I could grab (no nice chippy boards). 
But I did find these:
A chippy green screen door pull.  Not sure what fun project this will be used in. 

An antique glass drawer pull.  I love the etched flower you can see down the center of the pull.

A small roll of hardware cloth (woven wire).  The blue paint makes it even better!  This will get used in several projects!
Then we headed over to an architectural salvage store that was a fabulous visual overload!  (I’ll be doing a blog on that shop in the next few weeks after I make a return visit with camera in hand!) 

I couldn’t leave without these cast iron shelf brackets.  They were made for (and/or by) McDonald & Morrison Mfg.   They are pretty large, so I’ll probably use them to put a shelf over a window or door.

Helping Sis do some spring cleaning in her back yard, I grabbed these bench legs from the burn pile.  The top was shot but I can do something with the legs.  Love that red paint!

See this pink guitar?  It will look completely different the next time you see it.  Its transformation is going to be one of my summer creative projects. 

I’ve been hitting the jackpot over at the Goodwill store in finding Harris Tweed jackets for a couple dollars each.  These will be upcycled into purses, toys, etc. 
It’s a rule that when you drop off stuff, you have to go in and look around… right?  Oh… my other rule is that I will only buy an item for my creative projects if it’s 50% off.  Our Goodwill tags their items with different color tags and each week a different color is 50% off the marked price. 

I’ve also found some nice wool sweaters for a dollar or so each for felting. 

This basket was marked down to .25c.  A little scrubbing and it is perfect to set the pot of aloes in. 
A salvage store in town has free pallets and I got four of them.  We’ll stack our landscaping stones on them to store them until it get back out working in the yard.  And now that I know where I can find them, there will definitely be more coming out to The Sticks.
March was a great month for thrifty finds!  And what fun it will be using them in April!!

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  1. Great save on the bench are a girl after my own heart! lol Terrific finds all around.


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