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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Together Again

With Himself gone on the ship for such long stretches, we’ve had to work at keeping him “real” for the babies.  We talk to the babies about him and any presents I send have both of our names on them.  And it seems to have worked.  When Little Bird (32 months old) sees a picture of a ship, she asks “Uncle ‘Himself’s’ boat?” 

When he comes home, he flies into Missouri instead of Tennessee so he can spend time with the little ones.  This time, after only a few minutes of shyness the babies warmed right up to him. 

They loved looking at the pictures of themselves that he took.  (The little hams!)

It wasn’t long before it was all-star baby wrestling time! 

Not sure who was having more fun!

Little Bird has a large floor pillow in her room and Uncle Himself invented a new game… Taco Time!   Oh how they laughed and squealed as he bounced them around.

Even more fun was Double Stuff Tacos!  That’s over sixty pounds of giggles in there!

Himself slept really, really well each night…

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