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Monday, April 23, 2012

On A Bright, Sunshiny Day

With all the grey and misty days recently, I’m really appreciating the sunshine when we get it.

There are the beautiful iridescent clouds that can happen…

And fun shadows following us on our walks.  Kinda makes you think of Peter Pan and his shadow.

Sometimes the sunshine makes designs and patterns that make you smile.  This unexpected angel is actually a window mounted bird feeder!

There are days when it feels so good to soak up the rays…

… and other days it is better to snooze in the shade. 

Then there is a completely different sunshine –
A sweet little girl who sings “You are my sunshine… my only sunshine…”

That is the brightest sunshine of them all!


  1. Love the white cow picture. I love how the foreground is dark, and the back of the picture is bright. Very cool set up.

  2. What a great post. All the pictures are so pretty BUT none compares to the 'picture with a twist' at the end of the post. Very nice!

  3. The cloud picture is awesome!

  4. Great shots! I LOVE the fun shadow photo. Just this weekend my daughter and I just read Robert Louis Stevenson's poem "My Shadow." :) Beautiful girl!


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