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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Comes to The Sticks!

Spring has sprung!  I know this because yesterday was the annual flower auction at Fairview, KY.  This Amish run auction is something I look forward to every year.  You can get some fantastic bargains if you have the patience to wait…

We were running a bit late, so Himself dropped me off and I zipped in to register for my bidding number. 

Only a few steps into the auction pavilion I run into Best Friend.  She and her Sweetie got there on time and she had even started winning bids!  We scoped out the selections together in the flower barn. 

There was a LOT to scope out…

And that was only the first pavilion.  The second was full of trees, scrubs, roses and some misc perennials.  Two auction venues running at the same time meant ol’ Teri was going to be doing a lot of running herself! 

But it is sooooo worth it.  Look at the feast for one’s eyes… beauty was everywhere!

Incredible… yes?

Best Friend and BF Sweetie got comfy in the flower pavilion, while Himself sat farther back keeping an eye on all our purchases. 

Running back and forth between two buildings didn’t give me much time to people watch, but I did get a few fun snaps. 

Kids are kids everywhere and they WILL find a way to entertain themselves…

Playing peek-a-boo…

Hiding from siblings…

Or using the manual forklifts as a scooter between deliveries!

I didn’t see many buggies since I was so busy but this one caught my eye. 

Himself got much better people shots from his ‘guard post’.

…including me bidding on some plants! 

Others were of the folks both buying and selling that day.


He captured our friends checking their list…

And BF’s Sweetie visiting with one of the local men.  That soon turned into a three way conversation!

Six hours later (!!) we were loaded up and ready to go.  Best Friend had picked up plants for several of her friends.  We loaded up her car…

Packed the back of Little Red completely full…

And the front too!  Uff-da!!

So, what did I come home with?

This beautiful petunia basket.

(Here’s a close up).

Misc black coleus (Best Friend and I swapped from the flats we each bought so we’d have a bigger variety).

Black petunia (we split this flat too).

Eight hanging baskets of moss rose.  (Mom, here they are!  I’ll bring yours up in May.)

Four pots of ice plants.

Two pots of Sylvia.

Five dill and five thyme.

Two green pepper plants.  (I was going to get 2 large tomatoes also but realized there was NO place to put them in our cars!)

Four lilac bushes.

And two smoke trees.

(I got outbid on the partridge in the pear tree… )

Now it is time to add all this springtime to our yard!


  1. So much fun! Spring is in the all you have to do is plant them! I liked the shot of the buggy and also the yellow one (rose maybe?) with the curly edges. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow I've never even heard of a plant auction how cool is that! Such pretty pictures but lets be honest how could those flowers not be pretty...

    Found you from You Capture,

    Life, Love, Green

  3. What an incredible array of colors and shrubs and people - all accompanied by an interesting story all around Spring! Nice!


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