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Friday, April 27, 2012


It was time to redo the deck but with all the yard work that needs to be done, I didn’t want to spend much in any one area.  So I’m re-using, re-purposing, re-cycling, and re-thinking how to make all the areas look great on a budget. 

I like my deck furniture a lot.  But it was so dull!  Brown cushions on ‘bronze’ framework.  Bleh!  And the cushions haven’t held up very well either. 

I found these bright pillows in the shed that I had used with a different lawn set.  They were still in great shape and had that punch of color I was looking for.  I plan on making slipcovers from canvas drop cloths for the seat cushions – as soon as I get my sewing machine serviced.

I repurposed one of the foot stools from the furniture set into a table (the deck really is too small to use the foot stools and still be able to move around).  Marble slabs I picked up at the ReStore made a top to set things on.

I used another piece of the marble on the ‘coffee table’ to set a planter on.  I like how it ties the look together.  This planter is from a home show party.  I just hadn’t found a place that worked in my house but I love it out here.

My other name for the deck is “The Oven”.  On the west side of a house on Tennessee… it is HOT in the summer.  But I finally found plants that not only can take it… they thrive in it.  Succulents and sedums – I love them! 

I gathered up various pots and planters from all over (in my cleaning I’ve been finding so many things I thought were gone forever) and have put these drought lovers in them.  Some plants I already had and I have bought a few new ones. 

When I buy them, I look for the most crowded pots in the bunch so I can divide them to get even more plants.

This used to be a fountain… but we forgot to cover it when we went on a winter trip.  It rained… then froze, and that broke out the bottom.  Fine – it is now a planter!  I’m going to a plant auction on Saturday and will bring home some sort of new succulent to go in there.

My grilling area is still getting a bit of work.  I set my large umbrella up so I could have some shade while cooking.   I’m stalking the ReStore for some large shutters that I can put up for privacy on the side behind the grill, as this faces the road.  And when outdoor rugs go on clearance, I will be replacing the worn out ones I have. 

I’m happy with how it has turned out and of course I’ll be tweaking it as I find things in my shed decluttering. 


  1. It looks like a wonderful spot to soak in some nature. I might just get inspired myself!

  2. What a wonderful space! You need to come revamp mine! :)

  3. That looks great! I love the idea of using your fountain as a planter!

  4. Great job. EnJOYed seeing how you used what you already had. After looking at your deck, I've been inspired to do more to mine and will have to update my post. Is it ever done?

  5. visiting via the CSI project. Fun to have a "new" patio!! :)


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