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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day Trip for Shopping in Leiper's Fork, TN

Last month Best Friend and I declared a “Chick Day” was needed.  Looking for somewhere new to explore, we decided to try out the village of Leiper’s Fork.  It’s just south of Nashville right off the Natchez Trace. 

Perfect!  Because right at the beginning of the Natchez Trace is The Loveless Café!  And there’s no better breakfast than at The Loveless!

After our filling breakfast we headed on down for some shopping.  Leiper’s Fork is a cute town, stretched along a section of the old state highway.  You park, and walk.  And of course we picked a day just before the cool break in July.  Uff-da!  It was HOT!

But there are a lot of nice places to sit and rest… tho some are better suited to an autumn day.

The homes and shops in the town are just CUTE!  I could have spent all day shooting pictures… had the day been a wee bit cooler. 

Being the home to art and county humor, there were several ‘celebrity look-alikes’ parked around town.  This is the Beverly Hillbillies truck.  On down the road was Andy Griffith’s patrol car and close by was the General Lee. 

Now here’s a sight you’ll see in just about any small Southern town… men leaning over their grills fixing up some delicious BBQ.  That smoke will make your mouth water even if you’re still filled up from breakfast!

We stopped in Puckett’s Grocery to check it out.  The store goes back to ’53 and serves up good country cooking.

I fell in love with this chipping old kitchen table! 
There were several cute shops, although not as many as I expected.  Several were closed and some had even gone out of business.  So it didn’t take as long to shop as we’d expected. 
There were 2 shops I absolutely loved.

First was the gallery of David Arms.  He paints collage-looking paintings that are outstanding.  The gallery has originals, prints, and a few card sets for sale. 

My favorite shop hands-down was Serenite Maison.  Interesting pieces arranged in beautiful vignettes.  Well worth stopping by!

We had planned to lunch at Joe’s Natural Farm Store and Café but our shopping didn’t take long enough to cross over to lunch for us.  So I’ll save that for another day.

I look forward to taking Himself down for the day… in the autumn! 

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  1. Oh, Teri, I'll come with you next time! Lovely! I loved the sawhorse with the saddle on it, too.


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