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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Strawberry Upgrade

In an effort to become more creative, I’ve decided to try my hand at various ‘artistic’ endeavors.  

I’ve been working with mixed media for a while and really enjoy that.  I’ve done collage type, shadow boxes, I’m working on an altered book (fun!), and so on.  The more I do, the more relaxed I’m getting with it.

I’m fooling around with watercolors, and enjoying that very much.  There is a lot to learn, but the little kit I picked up at Home Goods is actually quite informative.  As far as acrylics, I long ago have decided painting trees, leaves, or flowers is a losing proposition for me.  However, I’ve started following the blog “The Three Muses” where they have a weekly theme challenge for art… doesn’t matter what sort of art; the object is to create. 

This week’s challenge was “strawberry”.  So many directions one can go with that.  I could photograph a nice vignette of strawberries.  I could sculpt a strawberry.  I could even start tearing up paper and make a strawberry college.  But no… that is not what I decided to do.  Being ever the optimist, I decided to try PAINTING a strawberry. 

Even better… a chocolate covered strawberry!!

I started out doing a quick sketch of one on a 12x12 canvas. 

And from there I played!  A paper plate was covered in different shades of red, green, and brown as I tried blending and shading. 

Once I was happy with the berry, I started working on the background.  I wanted a more ‘graphics’ feel rather than a formal feel for the background, so I started using shades of deep blue and violet… sometimes mixed, sometimes not. 
My final step was to mask the strawberry and dry brush silver over the entire background.

I’m rather pleased with how it turned out.  It’s kinda fun.


  1. Dear Teri this is a wonderful piece of art. I loved reading about your various thoughts and steps. I hope you had a living model to eat afterwards...LOL

  2. I love the finished product and I really enjoyed reading about your journey from beginning to end. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge, Teri. Hope to see you back with many more scrumptious artpieces!!

  3. Well, I'm pleased with the finished product too! What a great strawberry you created with your paper plate palette! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us at Three Muses this week!

  4. What a lovely presentation of this theme !!
    So much creative work Teri ! Really beautiful and I agree with Marie (ozstuff) I hope to see you again with more art !!
    It's always so nice to see handmade work because I do only digital :-)

    Kind greetings from the Netherlands,

  5. I too love the finished product. A perfect piece of art, my friend.

  6. This is SO cool! I wish I could draw as well as you. I love how you have walked us through your process. I hope we see lots more of your at Soartful-thanks for joining us this week!

  7. That's a perfectly wonderful painting!


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