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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Pink Socks for Little Pink Toes

When this week’s art challenge at Inspiration Avenue was “pink”, I knew exactly what I wanted to create for my first link up with them.

The only “pink” in my life is a certain Little Bird who is quite certain that a pirate princess can wear tutus.  (To which I whole-heartedly agree!)

One of the wee treasures I requested from Sis was a pair of newborn socks from each of the babies.  I have them sitting next to their photos on my night table.  I’ve always wanted to do something more with them but didn’t have the push to do it.

This challenge put a spur to my laziness.  I headed out to the shed and pulled out a shadow box from my stash.  The rest of the decorative items are from my scrapbook/mixed media supplies.  Sis had given me the perfect newborn photo to go with my shadow box.

The last things to go in were those precious, tiny socks.


  1. This is so cute. I have heaps of these projects in mind for my kids. You've inspired me! X

  2. I'm always drawn to tiny socks and shoes, can't walk by them in the shops without stopping to look. I love how you've arranged your shadow box!

  3. this is wonderful! i love everything about it and what a wonderful keepsake!

  4. This is so beautiful, I love everything about it. I'm also impressed you have a stash of shadow boxes. Actually I'm jealous. Thank you adding this to my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  5. Exquisite! What a memory piece. It will be treaasured, I'm sure.

  6. Divine shadow box ~ very elegant ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. So sweet and perfect! Thanks for sharing.


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