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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Artful Friday #1 - Key Lime Pie with a Side of Turquoise

As I said earlier this week, I’m exploring various art forms through challenges on various blogs.  Friday is going to be my art day!  (That’ll get them all done in a day for y’all who don’t give a hoot about them!)  I’ll be posting several times on Fridays with each of my different challenge submissions.

My first challenge is from The Artists Play Room and it was to create something with “turquoise and lime”.  Teri the jewelry maker immediately thought of turquoise jewelry and Teri the cook thought of Key Lime Pie (or maybe it was Teri the hungry who thought of that pie…). 

But anyway… as soon as that pie crossed my mind I knew I wanted to do a still life.  Outside of the trip to the grocery store, it didn’t take long to bring together the elements I wanted to use. 

Then I had a bit of fun playing.

These two I tried out the ‘vignette’ setting.

And on these two I rotated them so they were a bit off level.

This effect is “soft focus”. 

And this one is “soften”. 
I played around with other angles and settings until my stomach started growling.  Photo shoot over!  It was time for that piece of pie!
Hope there are more challenges like this in the future!  ;-)


  1. Love these together! The "soften" one is my favorite!

  2. How fun!! I love them all and I think your interpretations are splendid. Makes me a wee bit hungry for key lime pie, too...

  3. Lovely shots. Yummy looking pie, pretty pretty jewels. Hope the pie was as tasty as it looks :0)

  4. OOh,pass the pie!! Your photograph is lovely, but I totally had trouble focusing on anything but that pie!! Thanks for participating this week.

  5. Yup! me, too the soften focus is my favorite. Maybe because your jewelry is so pretty up-close on the limes. Did you save any pie!?

  6. Now why didn't I think of that?
    You even get to eat the beautiful pie at the end of the shoot!!!
    I love photograph and of course the beautiful jewelry.
    Hmm...where can I get some Key Lime pie from at this time of the day I wonder...;D
    Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to ~ Have fun!
    Neesie (APR#8)

  7. Ooh, the only trouble with your picture is that I can't eat the pie!! It looks really yummy, my mouth is watering. That necklace with the horse shoes is really beautiful. I love the way you played with different poses and I'm especially impressed that
    in all the shots there wasn't one bite taken out of the pie. You have great will power. This is a very clever and wonderful take on the theme.

  8. Hungry now! :)
    Love your take on the theme.


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