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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Artful Friday #1 - Zentangles

At Inspiration Avenue, there is a weekly challenge for different art themes.  This week’s pick was something completely new to me.  It’s called “zentangles”.  It’s no secret around here how much I like Celtic designs, ‘tribal’ design such as the Samoan tattoos and the art of the NW Pacific Native American tribes, and graffiti art.  Zentangles so reminds me of those patterns.  For the challenge I had to first learn exactly what it was and how it is done. 

I started with a design called Auraknot.  Aura is the word meaning you form the design by going continuously under the line before.  It is easy and challenging at the same time.

My first effort.

I kept at it and these are some of the patterns I have made since. 

I really like doing these.  I have a new way to doodle while I’m waiting for some time to pass.

Then I moved on to playing with more random patterns. 

This leaf is my first attempt.  I kind of like it.  Can’t you see using these as an embroidered quilt?

I haven’t had a chance to do a lot of these as it’s been a really busy week out here at The Sticks.  But I’ll definitely be doing more.  


  1. I can hardly believe this is your first effort at Zentangles. Yours are amazing. Glad you posted them at IA.


  2. Your leaf in wonderful! I must warn you that Zentangles are very addictive :0)

  3. great job, they all look great! Thanks for participating in my IA zentangle challenge this week!
    Jenn of

  4. These are wonderful, so intricate! They remind me of basket weave patterns. Thanks for joining us at Inspiration Avenue this week!

  5. Wow! That Auraknot pattern is one of the hardest ones! I love your leaf, yes, I can definitely see it stitched in a quilt.

  6. I really like all your tangles - and you're right, the leaf looks like a great quilting pattern. I also love your take on turquoise and lime - very literal and such a perfect combo. I like the way you built the still life around the color scheme.


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