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Friday, August 31, 2012

ITP: My Life Right Now

When you are the photographer of the group or if you travel alone at time, there often aren’t many pictures OF you.  And I’ve always felt weird about asking a stranger to take my photo when I travel, even tho I’ve taken hundreds of pictures for other people.  Go figure…
So when I heard about a photo challenge at Urban Muser where each month you make self portraits following a certain theme, I was intrigued.  “In The Picture” challenge was just what I need to push me to putting myself in front of the camera lens. 
Even tho I’m very late starting up (they started the challenge in January!) I’ll keep working on it.  If the challenge doesn’t carry into 2013, I will just start with the ones I missed.  Another thing I like about it is that the self portrait doesn’t always mean of your face.  That adds yet another level to what I can do with this.
The August challenge was “My Life Right Now”.   Perfect for my Fabulous 50th Year!
We are renewing our commitment to each other.
(This one was easy as all I had to do was look and snap.) 
My wee joys… Little Bird… 
(A little more difficult.  I had to take several to get us both in and looking decent!)
…And Little Hoss.
(I noticed my reflection is Sis’ fireplace and got this one of the two of us.  This is getting harder!  Good shot of me… posing a wiggling toddler… watching for reflections…) 
Me at my new crafting work bench.
(UGH!  I’m going to have to play with my camera’s timer mode a lot!  For some reason, it didn’t focus.  This one was the best of the bunch.)
So… it wasn’t as hard as I thought to take a self portrait.  I think I’ll enjoy this personal challenge!


  1. I love the two pictures of you with Little Bird and Little Hoss. Being an auntie can be such fun!

  2. your last picture is great. i'm the same way when it comes to asking strange people if they could take picture of me, they always screw it up ;)

  3. I actually love your out of focus shot- it looks like you've done it on purpose.

  4. so glad to have you aboard this project! it's never too late to start. your photos are great and i actually like the last one out of focus. don't beat yourself up for taking so many shots to "get it right" i often take 10, 20, 30 shots just to get one final image. thanks for linking up at {in the picture}.

  5. Great photos, love the first one, glad you have joined this project

  6. Welcome aboard - these are great! You've done some creative things - I love the reflection image; it looks like an old tintype. And I like the out-of-focus one, too. If you hadn't told us otherwise, we'd have thought you did it on purpose for artistic effect! :-)

    PS - I love your header photo! That stacked stone wall is beautiful.

    1. Thanks for the compliment on the stone wall. My husband and I made that for my Dad.

  7. I actually really like that last shot. I like a sense of mystery and that exists in that image. Self-timers are tricky-I blew a series with poor settings. Oh well. Try again, right? Glad someone else besides me is celebrating a 50th year. I'm thinking of doing my 2nd 365 to capture it. Or not.. We'll see.


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